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In SEO, we have developed a six-step process for obtaining top rankings in the search engines through our website marketing services. The following is an summary of our website optimization process:

Research Keywords : In first step we do is create a robust keyword portfolio of relevant keyword phrases that are searched on by potential customers.

We begin with your input on what your most important keywords are, then expand that itemize by cross-checking the itemize against the search engines’ databases of actual keyword searches. This helps us target the right words the ones that will actually search by customers to your website.

Analyze Competitors : Then in incoming step we see what your top competitors are doing in regards to search engine optimization. We look at how many links they have, where they are getting those links and the keywords they are optimizing their websites for. This gives us the bounds to see what is employed to get top results for your keywords so we can improve on those strategies and advise your site above your competitors in the search engines.

Develop Search Strategy : After keyword analysis of your competitors, we will formulate a strategy for improving your overall search engine visibility. We will create a lay out bit-by-bit plan for what needs to do to move your site to achieve best results for your keywords. Optimize Website Content : After the chosen keywords, we will attain the necessary adjustments to your website to allow important keyword phrases in the right places. This will enable your site to show up for your selected keywords. We will also attain recommendations for added content or keyword-related topics to allow on your website to attract added keyword search traffic.

Link Building : We enlist links to your website from various sources. We submit your site to the most appropriate categories in every the major scheme directories. We then identify additional status directories to submit your site to including local and industry-specific sites. Additional links are obtained from online press releases, articles and other sources. Link building is an ongoing process that must be done continually to stay ahead of the competition.

Monitor and Adjust : Each month we provide ranking reports to you for track the status of your website in the search engines. We maintain your website traffic, take care to where the traffic is coming from and which keywords people use to search your website. We are able to find out which keywords are most effective in generating leads in search engine optimization .

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QHospitality Consulting for Restuarent

For this website we used XHTML and Wordpress.

TheUIO for WebDevelopment Company

This is one Static website . We used XHTML for this website.

Dental Clinic
Dental Clinic website for Dentist

This website design and developed in XHTML and Wordpress.

ExpiTravel website for Travel Company

This website is built in customised Content Management System (CMS).